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We Stand in Solidarity with Italian Feminists!

On 12 February 2012, a woman was raped in Aquila, Italy, by Francesco Tuccia a military man. When two women of the feminist solidarity network distributed a letter condemning Tuccia’s (who was held guilty of all charges) lawyer, the latter filed a defamation complaint following which Aquila’s prosecutor signed an order of sequestration of the computer, I-pad and the mobile phone of one of the women. On November 18, at 10 am there is a call for a protest of solidarity outside the court of Aquila in solidarity with the women and their letter. Nazra for Feminist Studies invites feminists around the world to stand in solidarity with our sisters in Italy, through reading the facts and the letter in question below, and signing the petition written by the Italian feminist group ‘’Feminist Comrade in Italy’.

Italian feminists struggle against rape, rapists, and their lawyers, should be feminists’ struggle everywhere!

Narra Egypt

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